Digital Offset Printing

Dreamworks digital offset pressroom features the most advanced HP Indigo digital offset printing presses. These presses print on a vast array of substrates and the translucent inks take on the properties of the paper as conventional offset printing does to allow for the papers characteristics to show through the printed area. Our digital offset presses also print with environmentally friendly food grade safe inks which exhibit zero dot gain to deliver extremely sharp details and vivid colors.

HP Indigo 10000

Our HP Indigo 10000 6/color digital offset press has a sheet size of 29.5″ x 20.8125″ and has a maximum image area of 29.1” x 20.1”. The 10000 will print on uncoated media of 50 lb. text to 150 lb. cover – coated media of 60 lb. text to 150 lb. cover; Thickness 3pt. to 18pt.

Indigo 7800

Our Indigo 7800 7/color digital offset press has a sheet size of 13” x 19” and has a maximum image area of 12.48” x 18.26”. The 7800 will print on uncoated media of 55 lb. text to 130 lb. cover – coated media of 40 lb. text to 130 lb. cover; Thickness 3pt. to 18pt.


  • 4/Color Process
  • HP Indigo Indichrome 6/Color Process
  • Digital Offset PMS Colors
  • White Ink
  • Fluorescent/Neon Pink Ink
  • UV Red Invisible Security Inks
  • In-line Digital Embossing/Debossing
  • On-Demand
  • Zero Dot Gain
Variable Data and Images

Variable data/image printing (VDP) is one of the most effective ways to increase the response rates of your direct mail projects by connecting with your clients and prospects on more of a personal level.

Most successful variable data campaigns utilize a combination of both personalized messaging and images to initially grab the targeted recipient’s interest, and provides a call to actions that is information unique to their needs.

VDP starts with your variable data, which is generally sent to us in a simple excel spreadsheet or csv. file. This file tells our digital printing presses what to print, where to print it and when to print it. Your data may consist of simple name and address information for direct mail or reference specific images, coupons, or maps. Imagine print campaigns that display specific pictures of vehicles based on VIN data, unique landing pages, or even directions to your front door based on home address information provided.

The possibilities are truly limitless! Contact your Dreamworks representative for suggestions and ideas for your next successful VDP project.”

HP SmartStream Mosaic
HP SmartStream Mosaic takes traditional variable data printing (VDP) to the next level by automatically delivering controlled hyper-variability to produce millions of unique, reproducible graphic designs within specific graphic themes.

With Mosaic, VDP moves beyond substituting text, static photos, and messages – to easily produce exclusive graphic designs for each recipient/product. The result is a series of unique PDF files used to produce mailers, labels, packages, flyers, signs, billboards and more. Coca Cola used Mosaic to produce unique bottle design files for printing on HP Indigo digital printing presses via the scalable SmartStream Production Pro print server. The results were an 18% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

HP SmartStream Mosaic generates any number of distinctive variations by combining, scaling, transposing, and rotating combinations of high-resolution vector art files. The resulting graphics generate increased response rates by producing endless variations of unique designs within a common theme – reinforcing the message and concept of individuality within a larger collection or group.

HP SmartStream Mosaic is currently being used for labels, packaging, and direct mail.

Additional printing effects can be applied using Dreamworks DreamKote and DreamFoil

Contact your Dreamworks representative for suggestions and ideas on how to get the most out of your next project