G7 Certified Master Printer

As part of our commitment to repeatable and reliable award winning quality for our clients Dreamworks Graphic Communications has earned the certification of G7 Master Printer status from the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance). G7 is an innovative calibration process that controls and assures a visual match between proofs and the finished print product. This new quality control process enables us to produce more predictable and more consistent color with less preparation and less waste. Master Status is only granted to those companies that successfully pass an audit of press color measurement equipment, process control procedures and verifications of both proof and print quality.

The G7 proof-to-print process benefits everyone in the print community. The process assures improved grey balance, color stability and color appearance matching across multiple printing sites that carry G7 certification. Our customers can feel confident that the visual appearance of our proofs will be confirmed by the printed product, whether it is printed digitally or conventionally.

The G7 standard was developed by IDEAlliance and the GRACol Committee. The process utilizes the principles of digital imaging, spectrophotometry and computer-to-plate technology to maximize color match. In essence, G7 is a set of instructions to calibrate a press and a proofing system based on colorimetric data for grey balance instead of traditional dot gain methods.