Conventional Full UV Offset Printing

Dreamworks conventional offset pressroom features 6 and 7-color 40” and 41” inch full UV (inks and coatings) sheetfed printing presses.

Our UV offset presses print using UV inks and UV coatings, which cure instantly when exposed to ultra violet light, resulting in a more vibrant image with better durability on a wider range of substrates and allows for various textures and special effects to be applied to your print projects.

UV inks and coatings are great for any print project and special applications such as point-of-purchase displays, outdoor signage, wraps, clear packaging, phone and credit cards, shelf-talkers, magnets, stickers and other projects that require non-paper substrates such as vinyl, styrene, clear polypropylene, PVC, foils and other materials.

Dreamworks has the equipment and craftsman level production staff to produce high impact, high quality and unique printing projects that deliver maximum results for our nationwide clientele.

Benefits of UV Inks and Coatings

  • UV inks and coatings are environmentally friendly and V.O.C. free
  • UV Inks and coatings cure almost instantly to provide crisp and bright detail with superior finishes
  • UV inks and coating do not need additional drying time and projects can go straight to finishing for faster turn times
  • UV Inks and coatings are great at resisting scratching, smudging, scuffing and rubbing
  • UV inks and coatings allow us the ability to print on a greater variety of substrates
  • UV inks printed on uncoated paper will have a sharper look to text and graphics due to the ink not being absorbed into the uncoated stock
  • UV inks and coatings allow for a greatly range of printing enhancements and effects


  • UV PMS Colors
  • UV 4/Color Process
Speciality Inks
  • Thermochromic
  • Florescent Inks
  • Metallic Inks
  • UV 6/Color Hexachrome
  • Glow in the Dark
Conventional Coatings and Effects
    • UV Gloss
    • UV Grit
    • UV Rough Touch
    • UV Glitter
    • UV Scratch Off
    • UV Pearl
    • UV MiraFoil
    • Aqueous Dull
    • Aqueous Gloss
    • Aqueous Soft Touch
    • Aqueous Pencil Receptive
    • Varnish Dull
    • Varnish Satin
    • Varnish Gloss
    • Varnish Tinted
    • Reticulating Strike Thru Varnish

Reticulating Varnish is a special effect varnish that is used underneath UV coating. When the reticulating varnish “migrates” through the UV coating, it gives a textured look and feel. Because of the textured effect, the surface is uneven, thus causing a more dramatic gloss/dull contrast. The light reflected off the uneven surface appears to be “duller” looking than a smooth surface.

  • Gloss Primer Coating
  • Traditional Strike Thru
  • Satin Special Mixed Soft Touch Coating with Dry Trapped Varnish

Additional advanced printing effects and enhancements can be applied using Dreamworks DreamKote and DreamFoil